About Anabela Sobrinho

I have always loved colour and I was raised amongst it, on the houses external walls and the brilliant tiles inside and outside houses in Portugal. I was born in 1952, in Lisboa, its capital city. A stunning place, I will add. As a primary school child, my wish for the future was to become a teacher to be able to draw with coloured chalk on the blackboard. That's all we had then, slate and chalk. My sister and I would spend our Summer afternoons, after waking up from our siesta, drawing in our verandah overlooking the trees and the buildings right in front of us. It was always pleasant, specially if we had been to the beach all morning, as we used to do for our 3 months of long Summer holidays. Writing developed shortly after. And so I have never given up on either, despite many life hindrances, as we all experience. 

C.V. & Artist Statement


Artist Statement